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Jeffrey Heym – ジェフリー・ヘイム

update: 2005-January
Name: Jeffrey Heym (ジェフリー・ヘイム)
NickName: The Terrier (テリヤ)
BirthDate: 1969-June-12
Size: 170cm / 70kg
City: Amsterdam
Job: Street Worker
Backbone: Kickboxing, Freefight
Fight Record:60fights / 47win / 10loss / 3draw / 5KO
Titles: Amateur Muay-Thai Champion

Comments :
Jeffrey Heym has trained long time more than 20 years in Chakuriki since he was little boy. He shows hard and good fights all the times. He fights not only kickboxing he is good experienced judo fighter and wrestling. So he is the best free fighter of under 70kg in Holland.

Fight Records
Date Place Opponent Result
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