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Boulem Belaini ボウラム・ベラーニ

update: 2005-January

Name: Boulem Belaini (ボウレム・ベラーニ)
NickName: Gillette (ジレット)
BirthDate: 1972-March-12
Size: 171cm / 64kg
City: Amsterdam
Job: Professonal Fighter
Backbone: Kickboxing, Muay-Thai
Fight Record:199fights / 159win / 40loss / 70KO
Class: A
1990Europe Muay-Thai Champion
1990 Dutch Muay-Thai Champion
1992 Kickboxing World Champion
Rival or want to fihght: Thai fighter
Entrance Music: Eye of The Tiger (Rocky theme)

Fight Records
2004/November/12 ZST, Japan Remigijus Morkevicious Lose