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Hesdy Gerges ヘスディー・ゲルゲス

Hesdy Gerges


Country: Egypt
Date of birth: 20-02-1984
Height: 2meter
Weight: 100kg
Titles: Dutch champion 2008
Benelux champion 2008
European champion 2008
Resultes: 30fights – 25win/4lose/1draw/10k.o.
Gym: Pancration/Chakuriki
Style: Chakuriki style
Manager: Thom Harinck
Trainer: Thom Harinck
Sponsored by:
Hollands Glorie Tuincentrum
Autobedrijf Overveen bv
updated: April 1st. 2009

Fight Records:

2007/Sep/23 Rigns Utrecht Hesdy Gerges -100kg Wendell Roche K-1 A (Pancration) (Team Aerts)
2007/June/2 Gentleman Fight Nigt 2007 IJssportcentrum, Tilburg Hesdy Gerges vs. Bob van Boxmeer med.inv R1.
2007/Mar/25 Ginty Vrede – Hesdy Gerges MTK-A (-95kg)lose 1RKO
2006/Nov/26 draw

2006/Sep/17 Amsterveen – Win(Points)
2006/May/27 Zonnehuis, Holland – Win(1RKO)
2006/April/22 Amsterdam-Noord Siam (Turgut) Win (Points)
2006/Feb/12 Powerzone, Amsterdam Amir el Alfi (Mejiro gym) Win (TKO)
2005/Dec/18 Zonnehuis, Holland Marcel (ropie gym) Win (KO)