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Abdel Zaitar アビデル・ザイター



update 2005-January

Name: Abdel Zaitar (アビデル・ザイター)
NickName: -
BirthDate: 1979-January-28
Size: 176cm / 74kg
City: Amsterdam
Job: Professonal Fighter / Fitness instructor
Backbone: Kickboxing, Karate, Tae-Kwon-Do, Jiu-Jitsu
Start: 10 years old
Fight Record: 30fights / 25win / 4loss / 1 draw
Class: A
Titles: former World champion of europe (in Italy)
Weapon: Right straight punch / Spinning Kick
Rival or want to fihght: Albert Kraus
Respect Person: Father
Entrance Music: Puff Duddy “R&B”
Hobby: Kickboxing

Abdel Zaitar is the experienced fighter, but he is still young and did many fights already, he is belonging long time in Chakuriki since he was young little boy. He has very good fighting heart, when he got strong hit from the opponent, he didn’t mind then he never give up and go forward again and again, he always show tough fight. He has many martial arts back bone and variety of fighting style. He can attract audiences every time.