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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chakuriki Pancration

Chakuriki Pancration, RINGS HOLLAND, パンクラチオン チャクリキ

What is Pancration

On August - 18 - 2007


Pancration stands for group exercise and personal training in many (mainly budo-) sports like: Muay-Thai/Kickboxing, wrestling, judo, karate, boxing, fitness and gymnastics.

Discipline and respect are the centre’s key-words. Muay-Thai/Kickboxing, wrestling and combinations of both sports are practised at top-level.

To the amateur sportsman or -woman the centre is, of course, attractive as well; the centre is clean, spacious, pleasant and easy to reach (no parking-money!).

The lessons are given by excellent teachers; prices are low (without long-term contractual obligations!).

So join a free lesson, or pass by for a first acquaintance with our professional sportsmen, enthusiast workers and the successful owners/trainers/coaches; Thom Harinck and Chris Dolman.


Thom Harinck is the respected European founding father of Muay-Thai/Kickboxing. After he introduced the famous Muay-Thai/ Kickboxing sport in the Netherlands, the sport spread throughout Europe and is now one of the most famous martial arts sports.

Thom Harinck developed in 1972 his own fighting-style, ‘Chakuriki’- a combination of many different martial-arts sports; Muay-Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing and Karate. Chakuriki means something like “the power derived from…” and mixes eastern fighting sports (like the traditional karate and Muay-Thai) with the philosophy of Za-Zen.

Chakuriki stands next to physical power (litheness, and speed) for mental power, (discipline, courage, intelligence, self-control and respect). After a successful career as trainer and coach at a location in Amsterdam-West, he decided several years ago to sell this gym.

But his passion for the sport lasted. Since August 2002 Thom Harinck started, in cooperation with his long-time friend world champion sambo wrestling Chris Dolman and with help from the local government, a new, well equipped centre “Pancration“.

The name “Pancration” derives from the fighting sport “Pankration” practised in 649 before Christ during the Old Olympic Games.

The effective self-defence- sport Muay-Thai/Kickboxing, stands under supervision of Thom Harinck. Wrestling stands of course under supervision of Chris Dolman. Both of them supervise combinations of both sports (like NMA, free-fight, shootboxing).

Next to these sports the centre will provide lessons in other martial arts sports like judo, karate and boxing.

Top-level: Muay-Thai/Kickboxing and wrestling

Muay-Thai/Kickboksen as well as wrestling are practised at top-level. Thom Harinck was the former coach and trainer of many K-1 heavy-weights like Branko Cikatic (who won the first K-1 with Thom) and Peter Aerts (who won under Thom’s supervision two times the K-1) and Lloyd van Dams.

His name is further bounded with famous fighters like Perry Ubeda, Jan Lomulder, Gilbert Ballentine etc.

Chris Dolman is the founding father of free-fight in the Netherlands and made also many champions like Dick Vrij, Joop van Kasteel etc.

At this very moment the team Pancration is famous for well known and respected fighters like Patrick Eriksson and Faizel Reding, and many upcoming talented fighters and champions: Badr Hari, Menno Dijkstra, Amir Zeyada, , Jeremy Blijd etc.

Amateur-level: Muay-Thai/Kickboxing, wrestling, judo, karate, boxing, fitness and gymnastics:

For the amateur sportsman or -woman the centre provides a clean, spacious and efficient centre with a nice sportive atmosphere.

Every-one is welcome in our centre to train, to watch the training sessions, to meet our famous fighters or to meet the famous and inspiring owners of the centre.