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We keep the contribution-fee as low as possible, because we want every-one to join our centre’s excellence.

You don’t have to pay a deposit and you can stop your contribution after one month notice.
So no long-term contracts required and no long term obligations.

You can even take one month holiday a year without paying your contribution-fee; (you only have to tell the administrator beforehand that you will take the 30-days of).

A trial lesson is free, so just visit the centre and see for yourself.

Prices (per month)

20 euro 2x per week
25 euro 3x per week

adults kickboxing
3x per week 40 euro

3x per week 40 euro

2x per week 30 euro

50 euro

40 euro

Losse les
7,50 euro

Administration Fee

We ask only once 7, 50 administration fee and 1 pass photo.