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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chakuriki Pancration

Chakuriki Pancration, RINGS HOLLAND, パンクラチオン チャクリキ

Archive for December, 2005

Hesdy win by KO

Posted by admin On December - 21 - 2005

Hesdy Olmberg win against Marcel (ropie gym) at ZONNEHUIS 18 December.

Yassin Lahmidi also fight but lose a close game by points.




Amir will fight Super League in Budapest

Posted by admin On December - 21 - 2005

Amir Zeyada will fight against Istvan Toth (Hungary) in Super League Hungary, Budapest 28/01/2006.




Menno Dijktra vs Albert Kraus

Posted by admin On December - 19 - 2005

Menno lose against Albert Kraus.
in 3 round Menno get 8 count by knee, but Menno survived the round. And got back his condition and 4th round seems his point. But total point was Kraus.
Result was lose but he get many things from this fight so please expect his future.
Next year he try K-1 Max Holland tournament.



difficult to accept the result

Posted by admin On December - 12 - 2005

Amir Zeyada lose against Main, but Amir knock him down 8count in 2 round.
But judgement made him lose. The reason is not sure, but audiences made big booing to this judge. This fact prove which was true winner.

And Tarik de Hammer was bad luck, he broke his jaw and went to get the operation after fight.

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